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I teach accents and dialects using a variety of approaches, tailored to my clients. I can make the International Phonetic Alphabet make sense and help you feel the changes you need to make in your mouth and voice placement to make a believable and authentic accent. 

Whilst at NIDA, I was trained by one of Australia's leading dialect coaches, Linda Nicholls-Gidley and my work is strongly influenced by my training with Andrea Caban and Tyler Sieple of KT Speechworks.


Shows I have coached include:


F**king Men, Waterloo East Theatre, London

Strictly Ballroom UK Tour

Bright Half Life, Kings Head Theatre, London

Rain & Zoe Save the World, Jermyn St Theatre

The Sugar House, Finborough Theatre, London


John, Trevor, & Gloria at the Seymour Centre for Outhouse Theatre (General American, Midwest American, AAVE and US Stage Standard)

The Cripple of Inishmaan at the Old Fitz Theatre for Mad March Hare (South-Western Irish) 

Bird at the Old Fitz for Secret House (Welsh)

Nell Gwynn at New Theatre (RP, Heightened RP, Cockney, Welsh and French)

If We Got Some More Cocaine I Could Show You How I Love You at KXT Theatre for Green Door (MLE and Southwestern Irish)

You Got Older at KXT bakeHouse for Mad March Hare (Northwest Pacific American, Canadian)

The Rolling Stone at The Seymour Centre (Ugandan English Dialect)

Leaves at KXT bakeHouse for Some Company (Belfast)

American Beauty Shop at KXT bakeHouse for Some Company (Midwestern American)

Next Lesson and The Angry Brigade for The New Theatre (MLE, RP, Manchester, Estuary, London/Cockney)

Scarecrow for Sydney Fringe at Bloodmoon Theatre (Rhotic Southern American)

The Caretaker for Throwing Shade (London, Welsh)

Steel Magnolias (Southern American)

The Crucible (West Country England / Old English)

I regularly teach accents in my work with training actors in Conservatoires/ Acting and Drama School.


Private client dialect coaching includes (so far) Yorkshire, General American, Southern American, Irish, Polish, Romanian, Standard British/RP and clients with English as a second language looking to make their pronunciation of English clearer. 

"The accent work was particularly strong (perhaps the best I've heard), with credit to Voice and Dialect Coach Amanda Stephens-Lee" Artsreview

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