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Amanda was an invaluable asset to the company of TREVOR. Her work with the actors on their dialect was clear, concise, specific and rigorous. Her manner is considerate, generous and encouraging. I felt so safe knowing that the actors vocal health was in great hands with Amanda looking after them. She was also such a great sounding board for me, as I worked with the actors. I recommend working with Amanda wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Shaun Rennie, Theatre Director, Sydney

Amanda is the best voice and presentation coach I’ve had in ten years. A must have for any broadcaster, actor, presenter or MC. She helped a newspaper journalist (that’s me) present long form docos to a national tv audience of a million or so watchers on prime time. A whole of being approach that improves voice, presentation, posture and confidence. She’s fun and patient too. Can’t recommend Amanda enough.

Nick McKenzie -  Australian Journalist of the Year 2020

Amanda is an absolute asset to any production team. I have had the privilege of working with her on a number of projects over the last couple of years. In each case she has demonstrated an excellent skill set, passion and commitment to her role as Voice and Dialect Coach. I believe her background as an actor has also given her a thorough understanding of the artist and the way they work. I would recommend Amanda to any prospective employer- both in educational institutions and the professional industry.

Claudia Barrie, Artistic Director, Mad March Hare Theatre Company

Amanda has given me the best gift ever - my voice - and I am truly grateful. The transformation my voice has gone through over the past 7 months with Amanda, is truly incredible. Her passion for voice and acting, plus her knowledge, wisdom, and compassion, have made working with her a safe, yet fun, creative space. I always leave her sessions buzzing, and I enthusiastically recommend working with Amanda

Elle deBurgh - Actor

Amanda is fantastic, both as a teacher and as a person. Thanks to her, I discovered how much freedom I could get to express myself through my voice. I would recommend it to anyone, both actors and non-actors, because training your voice is such a powerful tool that will have a huge impact on your everyday life.

Giulia Dallera - Actor

Amanda taught me to look at the RP accent from the ground up...  This has revolutionized my thinking in how to learn a new accent...  Amanda is a gifted and inspiring teacher, creating a warm and supportive learning environment, making all of her students feel comfortable and motivated, and making the experience fun.

Kate Haggerty - Actor

"Amanda teaches you to unpack Shakespeare with logic and soul.... your core acting skills will be revolutionised with heavy voice work. I accomplished more in 8 weeks than I have in any other acting course."

Ali Lyons, Actor, Shakespeare Sessions

Amanda is a fantastic teacher. She is incredibly knowledgeable and able to give individualized instruction within a group setting. Her classes are joyous, informative and productive. I noticed improvements in my instrument after the first class. I finished her classes with the tools to keep my voice supported and full.

Kimberley Huie - Actor

"I believe Amanda's strongest feature was the sense of passion and energy that was always evident in her teaching. I would describe Amanda as a teacher who truly cares for this work and is fiercely intent on sharing it with her students"

"I believe Amanda's ability to make the hard work seem easy and fun to be integral to her ability as a voice teacher.  As someone who has some specific articulation issues, and who will then feel stressed when working to change these habits, her attitude and methods were excellent for getting me quickly past this stress and into much better results, making me more confident and giving me usable exercises to carry on the work. As a teacher she is focussed, energetic, a good communicator, knowledgeable and imaginative"

East 15, MA Acting Students

The voice work with Amanda has been transformational for my life far beyond the improvements to my voice for acting. Amanda works in a very holistic manner, with compassion and attention to the individual needs that go beyond voice. She taught me about my body, about the mind-body-emotion connection, how to allow myself to bring the best of me to the fore. What I have learned with her, and continue to learn with her, impacts all of my life in significant ways. It is simply a different way of learning and being. If you want to be loved into connecting with your voice, your body, yourself, and transcend your own limits, I absolutely recommend Amanda. You will not regret it.

Andreea Plesea

I have had voice and accent classes with Amanda, in a group and privately. She’s one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers I’ve met, as well as patient and extremely supportive. With easy and straightforward exercises Amanda has helped me rediscover my voice and address life long habits I thought I was stuck with. I am a lot more confident when using my voice and it’s very reassuring to know it’s not due to magic but effective technique. I am looking forward to our next course!

May Lopez

Amanda's joy is as infectious as her expertise is vast. Her course was entertaining, informative, accessible, and confidence-boosting. I now have an invaluable dialect toolkit and the practical foundational skills to approach my accent work confidently.

Caroline Dunaway

What an amazing class on RP! I learned so much from you and I so appreciate your kind spirit and encouragement in this wonderful journey.

Roberta Michaels

The resources Amanda shares are invaluable and the confidence instilled is undeniable. The greatest resource is Amanda herself. Although I can't put her in my pocket, I will carry everything I've learned forever.

Teisha Hickman

Amanda is a joy to work with. I’ve been able to make strides during my 1-1 sessions, always feeling supported and inspired by Amanda's vast breath of knowledge, technique, and experience- not only about accents, but also about the voice, breath support, language itself, and the craft of acting. A real, 360 degree journey into the full acquisition of an accent. You really can’t go wrong with Amanda.

Selina Youngerman

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