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English Accents -RP and "Standard" English Accent

English Accents -RP and "Standard" English Accent

ENGLISH ACCENTS with Amanda Stephens-Lee

Spend a month exploring RP and some modern variations on the

"Standard" Southern English accent. Learn the key sound, resonance, rhythm

and musical shifts to make when moving into this accent. This will be a

highly practical and fun introduction and give you the chance to work

through all the key sounds of the accent in detail, cold-reading and then applying it to a text of the student's choice (Monologue, Poem or Short Self-Test)


Dates: Tues March 9, 16, 23 and 30 EDT  10am-midday (New York time)   3:00-5:00pm (UK time)

Price: GBP £160 (approx USD $225)

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